Who We Are

Travel Agents International has been serving Greenville and the surrounding up-state area since 1983. Founded by Walter and Mary Burgess, the agency’s humble beginnings proved to be a launching point for a thriving travel business focused on customer satisfaction and memorable vacations. Through the industry’s transformation at the hands of the Internet, Travel Agents International has continued to grow by setting itself apart from the impersonal, frustrating, time consuming experience that are the trademarks of many Internet-based services.

The Travel Team at Travel Agents International has decades of experience in both personal travel and customer bookings. This experience has proved invaluable to thousands of clients – from the smallest booking to the largest. We specialize in group trips, international travel, cruises and large custom trips with multiple destinations. With access to industry information, as well as a deep well of personal and customer experiences, our team is able to create travel experiences that will last a lifetime.

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What We Offer

The travel industry has changed dramatically over the past two decades; with hundreds of travel resources online, only the best full-service agencies have survived. During this transformative period our customers continue to be delighted by the advice, assistance and services that we offer.

So what exactly do we offer? Peace of mind. The ability to enjoy travel again and free yourself from the frustrations of scouring the deepest corners of the web to make sure you’ve found the best deal. We also offer a team of specialists who have decades of both personal travel and working with clients to create vacations that live on as great memories.

Whether you need a flight to see your family for the holiday or a trip for 75 of your closest friends, we’ve got you covered. There is no trip too big and no trip too small. So, give us a call and tell us your travel goals or stop by the office and let’s start planning your next vacation.